Heidi Muller and Bob Webb – (see the ‘PRESS KIT’ on their website, for the whole story!) Visit “our calendar” for information about their concerts and workshops coming to Portland in February!

“Heidi Muller is an award-winning songwriter, guitarist and mountain dulcimer player with eight critically-acclaimed recordings, including three with partner Bob Webb. She has performed solo for over 25 years, touring nationally to concert halls, coffeehouses, and festivals, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, Northwest Folklife, Augusta Heritage and Kentucky Music Week.

Heidi Muller and Bob Webb cross the musical boundaries between original songs and traditional tunes, blending each other’s influences from the Pacific Northwest to the Appalachian Mountains. With dulcimers, guitars, mandolin, electric cello, and Muller’s crystalline vocals, they have performed at venues from Mountain Stage to the National Music Museum.


Here are some links, to local and Northwest dulcimer groups, online schools, to find tab and music, for festivals and performer websites and links to other interesting and wonderful dulcimer sites. See what other dulcimer players are doing and become a part of the dulcimer community! To visit a website, click on a blue link below.

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Dulcimer Player News – General information and subscription information about the Dulcimer Players News magazine and CD, for mountain and hammered dulcimer enthusiasts. (Outstanding!)
Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer (Facebook) – Facebook mountain dulcimer link.
‘MD’ Noter and Drone Blog” – Click link to see more information below.
Appalachian Dulcimer, Wikipedia – A comprehensive look at the history, players, builders and current influences.
The Hearts of the Dulcimer Film/Podcast – A feature-length film documenting the dulcimer renaissance in the 1970s; by Patricia Delich and Wayne Jiang, filmmakers, podcast hosts and musicians. The Podcast “explores the mountain dulcimer’s past, present, and future. If you’re interested in mountain dulcimers, this is the podcast for you.” Deserves a definite visit!

SloeJam DulcimersHey that’s us, you’re already here! We meet the 1’st and 3’rd Wednesday of the month in the Portland Oregon area. Questions? Please use the contact page.
Woodstock Dulcimer Society Email – Monthly, 1st Tuesday of the month from 7 – 9 pm. Located in the Woodstock neighborhood, Portland, Oregon. RSVP for location. Click the ’email’ link.
Three Rivers Dulcimer Society – Located in the Richland Washington (Tri-Cities) area. Please see their website for meeting times, lot’s of beginner information, and even ‘recipes’!

Dulcimer Crossing – “Enjoy mountain dulcimer lessons and hammered dulcimer lessons at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.” Thousands of web pages of lessons, 1,500+ videos, 4,000 + minutes of instruction, from 12 different teachers. Over 415 pdf documents of tab, lyrics and sheet music. 570+ flash animations where to strike or press the strings. See the website for memberships and price information.
Dulcimer School – “Dulcimer School is a great resource for those seeking valuable instruction in the art of dulcimer playing.” Beginners to advanced, Lessons include video, audio, and handouts. Students may ask questions, participate in discussions, and share their own video, audio, and tab with the rest of the school. For mountain and hammered dulcimer. Check website for pricing and to signup!
‘MD’ Noter and Drone Blog – “A place for traditional noter and drone style Appalachian dulcimer players and beginners” and a lot of information applicable to any style. A fantastic website brought to you by the creator of Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer (see below).
Everything Dulcimer Teachers –  International teacher list is a bit outdated. (See: Everything Dulcimer below for a great online community.)
YouTube Mountain Dulcimer Lesson Videos – Link to YouTube ‘search’ for “mountain dulcimer lessons” to get you started.
Lessons.Com (Dulcimer Lessons) – Enter zip code, click answers about your needs and the info will be sent to local teachers who have listed themselves. (There may be other local teachers not listed with this site or none in your community.)

Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer – (FOTMD) – Probably the most comprehensive dulcimer website online! Groups and forum discussions on topics that interest you. Ask questions, learn to play songs, share music clips and videos, find resources for buying dulcimers and finding music tab. ‘All’ levels of players welcomed. So much more! Free friendly help and encouragement in playing music!
Everything Dulcimer – Information about ‘everything’ (dulcimer)! An international dulcimer community sharing information through discussions, song tab, ‘find a dulcimer club’ mapped by state, events listing, ‘dulcimer builders’ mapped by state, ‘teachers’ mapped by state, ‘performers’ mapped by state, articles, classifieds and more!

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‘coming soon’

PERFORMERS, ‘MD INFLUENCES’ – This list can never be complete. It is not not necessarily a “who’s who” of mountain dulcimer or a list of ‘our’ favorites. There are too many noted and deserving performers, champions, legends and dulcimer influences to list in one place. To name only a few, here is an introduction to performers who play and build dulcimers, have composed and recorded, are known for a certain playing style, who teach or have produced instructional books and CD’s and/or who have influenced the past and future of the mountain dulcimer in other ways. Many features playing samples on their websites or on YouTube, and often reference other dulcimer personalities not named on this page. As you become more acquainted with the mountain dulcimer (MD) community, attend festivals and workshops, take a spin around the web/YouTube, these and the names of other dulcimer personalities may begin to sound familiar. Click some of the links and begin the journey! (If you find a name missing that you feel would be of immediate value to add, please send a message via the contact page.)

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Comprehensive List of Appalachian Dulcimer Players (Wikipedia) – A list of historical and current influential dulcimer players.

Aubrey Atwater – Award winning and internationally acclaimed performer, vocalist and composer. Featured on public radio’s “All Things Considered”, “The Thistle & Shamrock”, and part of the Ozark Highlands Radio Project. Traditional and original folk music performed on guitar, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, Irish tin whistle, mandolin, Appalachian clogging (step-dancing), through story and tales, and old-time banjo. Aubrey has performed, studied and taught around the world. Performs solo, with her husband (Atwater~Donnelly ) and with others in the band. It’s been said that “her pursuit is to understand folk music as an expression of human history and a glimpse into the lives of ‘ordinary’ people.”
Janita Baker – Performing musician for over 40 years known for her unique style of four equidistant string dulcimer finger-picking. Performs classical, traditional, delta and country blues, ragtime, swing, Hawaiian slack key and original instrumental pieces. Gifted story teller. Through recordings, books and appearances at festivals and workshops across the United States, Janita is well-known for her teaching skills and ‘Blue Lion Dulcimers’, which she builds with her husband Robert.
David Beede – Award winning luthier (Unicorn Strings Music Company), musician/singer/songwriter who has been teaching and playing for more than 30 years at schools, in concert, at folk festivals, coffee houses and even on street corners. David performs traditional British Isle folk to original instrumental and vocals on the hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, chromatic and bass mountain dulcimer, gourd banjo, Native American flute, guitar, mouth bow, snoot flute, penny whistle, jaws harp, bones, bodhran and more. “His music has tickled ears from Florida to Maine… from the Paris underground to Dublin Radio”.
Linda Brockinton – Linda is a dulcimer performer, songwriter and poet. She began her musical journey at age 11 as a flutist and later played with the Arkansas Symphony during the 1960’s. Her dulcimer playing began during the late 1980’s. In 1999, she won the Southern Regional Dulcimer Championship and was the first woman to win the National Mountain Dulcimer Championship in 2001. Linda has taught at dulcimer, folk and Irish festivals around the country, has recorded 8 CD’s and has written 9 instructional books for the dulcimer. Her preferred style of playing the dulcimer is finger picking.
Lee Cagle – Lee is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and storyteller and has been been playing and teaching mountain dulcimer, bowed psaltery, auto-harp and ukulele since 1988. Lee is also a recording artist, author of several books and teaching materials on playing traditional music, particularly for the mountain dulcimer. She is the founder and director of the Memphis Dulcimer & Folk Gathering.
Bonnie Carol – Bonnie is a notable dulcimer player, performer, teacher and dulcimer builder. She has played piano and guitar since age 4. She is also an author, recording artist and dulcimer radio program producer, hammered dulcimer player … and plays the Marimba! Long time attendee at the Kindred Gathering dulcimer festival, she is friends with and/or has played with just about ‘all’ of the well known past and current dulcimer personalities, (far too many to name. From the streets of New York City to Nicaragua, Bonnie has performed and taught her music. She is a ‘wilderness adventurer musician’ mixing canoeing, rafting, hiking, swimming and singing with her love of dulcimer and music. This isn’t close to a ‘real’ introduction to this amazing influence upon the dulcimer world. Please see the biography, “A Brief History of Bonnie”, (and more), on her website.
Sue Carpenter – After years of playing piano and organ, Sue started playing the mountain dulcimer in 1981 and has been performing and teaching since 1982. It is her innovative finger-picking style that has won her many awards. In 2005, Sue became the National Mountain Dulcimer Champion at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS. She is a favorite workshop leader and performer at dulcimer festivals from Maine to California. There is much more to be said about Sue Carpenter, and her website resume says it all.

Mike Clemmer
Larry Conger
Linda Collins
Jessica Comeau
Steve Eulberg
Amy Fabbri
Robert Force
Bing Futch
Rick Fogel
Bruce Ford
Gary Gallier
Les Gallier
Tull Glazener
Mark Gilston
Tina Gugeler
Dave Haas
Neal Hellman
Kenneth Hulme
Leo Kretzner
Jeffrey A Lambert
Joellen Lapidus
Erin Mae Lewis
Madeline MacNeil
Karen Mueller
Heidi Muller and Bob Webb – Please see the workshop and concert information for February 23 ‘on the calendar’. 
Mark Nelson
Aaron O’Rourke
Don Pedi
Michael Rugg
Butch Ross
Gary Sager
Stephen Seifert
Steven K. Smith
Mark Tindle
Neal Waters
Nina Zanetti

Legendary Players & Influences (Departed)

Al d’Ossche
Richard Fariña
Homer C. Ledford
Jean Ritchie
David Schnaufer

Other Dulcimer Teachers, Innovators and Influences

Mike Casey – Classical guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and story teller, Mike adapted Irish banjo, cittern, fiddle, whistle, flute and mandolin techniques to the Appalachian dulcimer. Performer and recording artist, Mike is especially known for his book, “Hands-On Dulcimer” written to help fretted dulcimer players at all levels grow in their technical abilities in both the right and left hands. The book explores “flat-picking, finger-picking, slurs, chords, strumming, left hand precision and placement, right hand strength and control, volume, tone, articulation, and more using both dulcimer tablature and standard music notation”. Mike has used his years of teaching to “develop exercises that will inspire and challenge players at all levels. The tunes and exercises are in the common dulcimer tuning of D-A-D, with a few exceptions”.